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Rhode Island Taekwondo

“Welcome to Rhode Island Taekwondo. As you may already know, Taekwondo is the fastest growing martial art in the world. Originating in Korea, Taekwondo is now an official sport in the Olympics. Benefits of training are many; including increased physical fitness levels, confidence, and self-defense skills. Feel free to explore our website to learn about what makes Taekwondo an exceptional art form, the qualifications of our Instructors, the rigorous belt-level curriculum, and much more!

We offer a convenient…”

At Rhode Island Taekwondo, we offer a convenient schedule of late afternoon and early evening classes during the week and also classes on Saturday mornings. Our policy of unlimited class attendance makes it easy to choose lessons that fit your busy schedule. New students may call (401) 338-7186 to arrange an appointment with the office manager to enroll, or simply come in during regular business hours and there will be someone ready to answer your questions.

In fact, the enrollment application is so short and simple that an eager student can take classes the same day they walk in by arriving at least ten minutes prior to their class time! For students beginning the Taekwondo program, we have lightweight, white V-neck uniforms (including the belt) on hand in all sizes. For new Aerobic Kick-boxers, we recommend loose athletic pants and a comfortable T-shirt. Plenty of high quality Kick-boxing gloves are in the supply closet. All students train barefoot on our professionally designed padded mat.