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Our Facility

We are very fortunate to train in a beautiful facility with so many enjoyable amenities! Classes are conducted on a spacious, padded mat. Kicking paddles, foam shields and hand-mitts are regularly utilized in class to enhance strength training. Jump ropes, hurdles and an agility ladder are also gear that we use frequently to increase speed. Our weight equipment, stretching machine and bench press apparatus is available to all students ages 15 and up who desire to strengthen their muscles and increase power in their martial arts strikes. We ensure that all classes are well supplied with the proper equipment necessary to provide high-quality instruction.

The well-decorated office area has a large, colorful whiteboard containing important announcements and information. Photo displays, bulletin boards, trophies and mini-posters allow customers to browse through a visual history of the school including past demonstrations, tournaments, charitable fund-raisers, belt tests, potlucks, and other community events. The office manager is always eager to answer any questions and provide any assistance.

Adjacent to the mat, we have a seated viewing area for parents and family members interested in quietly observing the martial arts training. Or, guests and family members are also welcome to wait in our peaceful and serene lounge area set apart from the training mat. Toys and magazines are available for all to enjoy. A state-of-the-art water cooler provides our customers with a complimentary supply of cold, purified water to drink. A variety of Gatorade flavors are available to be purchased from our refrigerator for a small fee. The proceeds from the refrigerator are spent on enhancing the beauty of the school in small ways. The brand-new 24,500 BTU air-conditioner keeps the air temperature cool and comfortable even on the hottest of summer days. Between the lounge and the viewing area, separate dressing rooms are equipped with lockers. The rest room is always kept clean and sanitary. In addition to the parking spaces in front of the studio, the large parking lot just across the street makes parking your car convenient and free. The comfort and ease of our customers is unquestionably a top priority.

We are conveniently located on East Ave Extension in downtown Pawtucket near Adamís Furniture, the Ground Round Restaurant and the Division of Motor Vehicles. Follow this link Map and Directions for more details. All are welcome to visit our martial arts studio to watch a class anytime during our regular business hours. You may also call to schedule an appointment at (401) 338-1786. We look forward to training with you!