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Our Instructors

All classes are taught by experienced and professional black belts. Our instructors are all certified 3rd degree Black Belts in Taekwondo. They are highly trained, exceptionally skilled, and totally committed to the development and safety of each student. They possess the care and patience needed to motivate even the youngest students as well as the ability to inspire adults to do their best. Learning is always safe, fun and exciting.

Mr. Kouraj, the Head Instructor (Sabumnim) and owner of Rhode Island Taekwondo, has over 17 years experience and is a Kukkiwon certified 3rd degree black belt. He is a three time National Sparring Champion in his native country of Morocco and has successfully competed in the United States as well as on an international level. He earned a gold medal in the Black Belt Lightweight Forms division of the 2002 North Carolina State Championships. He is a phenomenal athlete and remarkable martial artist. His strong leadership and dedication to the studio is evidenced by our high enrollment and rapid growth. In addition to teaching the majority of scheduled classes, he specializes in kicking and sparring by conducting Olympic-style sparring seminars several times per year. He is currently registered as a head instructor, athlete and coach with the Taekwondo national governing body, the USAT. Mr. Kouraj is also officially certified as a US referee in Olympic-style sparring and coaches his students at competitions regularly.

Mrs. Keville, the Assistant Instructor and Office Manager at Rhode Island Taekwondo, has over 14 years of experience and is a Kukkiwon certified 3rd degree black belt. In 1998, she earned her first national ranking by placing third in the bantamweight sparring division at the Junior Olympics. In 1999, she fought three hard fights and tied in the quarterfinals of Senior Nationals. One year later, she successfully fought her way to a silver medal at the 2000 National Collegiate tournament. This performance resulted in her being chosen to represent the United States in the US-Japan-Korea Friendship Games. In 2001, she was a member of and traveled with the US Collegiate Team to Tokyo, Japan, to fight against the Korean bantamweight team member. Despite her extensive tournament experience and success in Olympic-style sparring, it is clear that her specialty is forms. Medalling at numerous national and international forms competitions over the years, including a bronze medal at the 2001 US Open, her passion for forms emerges on the mat as she pays close attention to the small details and nuances of technique and flow in the students as they practice. Mrs. Keville is currently registered as an athlete and coach with the Taekwondo national governing body, the USAT. Mrs. Keville is also a certified referee and assistant coach at tournaments.

Mr. Kas, the Aerobic Kick-boxing instructor at Rhode Island Taekwondo, is a superb martial artist and inspirational Aerobic Kick-boxing instructor. He holds a Kukkiwon certified 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. His positive energy emanates from his core as he motivates Kick-boxers to push themselves to achieve the results that they want. His relaxed demeanor makes others smile and laugh yet he demands 110% from his students on the mat. He is a great addition to our school and everyone is always happy to see him.