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         Community Events

R.I. Taekwondo Community Events

Rather than a just community of Taekwondo students, we are a community of families linked by the bond of martial arts. Our diverse studio can be likened to a miniature United Nations as we have students from over twenty countries with nearly two dozen languages spoken in all. Throughout the year, we hold numerous events to promote friendships to form and create a social outlet for training partners and family members.

Bi-Annual Kids Sleepover

Twice a year, R.I.T. holds an eagerly anticipated Kids Sleepover in order to raise money for some of our larger expenses. Many of the young Taekwondo students (plus any siblings or friends) participate in an evening of fun games, yummy pizza, salad and juice, relay racing, team-building activities, memory challenges and a G-rated movie projected onto the wall. Most choose to spend the night and bring sleeping bags, pillows and toothbrushes for a gigantic slumber party. They sleepily eat a nutritious breakfast on their way out the door the next morning. The event is always well supervised and safety is a top priority. The kids have a fabulous time and always look forward to the next one.

Kick-a-Thon Fundraiser

Each year, R.I.T. participates in a “Kick-A-Thon” in order to raise money for a local non-profit charity. In the past, we have raised money to support St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The Kick-A-Thons held in January of 2008 and 2009 raised money… for “The Tomorrow Fund,” an organization that helps the families of children with cancer. Promoting charitable contributions will instill martial arts values and virtues in our students.

Outdoor Demonstration

Each spring, R.I.T. holds a demonstration outside to show residents of Rhode Island what Taekwondo is all about. This is a great opportunity for selected students to showcase their martial art and present Taekwondo to people who might not know much about it. The demonstration team practices diligently prior to any performance. Performing in front of a live audience requires courage and builds confidence. A demonstration might include displays of self-defense, hand strikes, kicking, forms, and board breaking.

Annual Summer Potluck

Each summer, R.I.T. families hold a potluck luncheon at the studio. Everyone brings a delicious dish to share. The mat is open for the children to play games and socialize while the adults chat and laugh in the lobby. It is a great opportunity to get to know members of our school in an informal setting and everyone has a great time and leaves with a full belly!

Winter Paddle Ball Championship

Paddle Ball is the favorite game among kids and adults alike at R.I.T. The game is set up much like soccer, with two teams, two goals, and a ball. However, instead of kicking the ball, players must swing a paddle at the ball in order to propel it between the opposing team’s cones. There is much running, teamwork, and skill involved. The team with the most points wins!