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Adult Taekwondo (ages 18 and up)

Rhode Island Taekwondo welcomes all adults to start their martial arts journey to and beyond black belt here at our traditional Taekwondo studio. There are many different reasons an adult may decide to begin martial arts training. A number of students begin simply because it is something they have wanted to do since childhood and the opportunity has finally arrived. Some are eager to learn self-defense in order to feel more safe and secure in their lives. Others start training purely for the physical exercise and/or social outlet that training provides. A handful of students are curiously intrigued by martial arts philosophy and spiritualism. Whatever your reason for training, Rhode Island Taekwondo can improve your quality of living and help you attain your goals.

Our greatest attributes are our comprehensive belt-level curriculum, firm structure and discipline, and an enjoyable training environment. Adults quickly benefit from the essential components of practical self-defense, protective blocking, powerful striking, traditional forms and vigorous kicking in every class. The belt-rank curriculum offers short and long-term goals through regular belt tests, which foster a sense of accomplishment and strengthens motivation. The high expectations enforced on the mat improve etiquette and encourage communication skills. Strong bonds are formed with training partners as cooperation is a part of every class. The rigorous training provides a physically challenging and disciplined setting for students where they can feel safe and secure as they make progress toward and beyond black belt.

Additionally, adults who have advanced forward to the high yellow belt level are eligible to compete in forms and sparring. This opportunity can greatly motivate them, encouraging self-reliance and boosting confidence levels. Other events that our adult students eagerly anticipate are the Paddleball Tournament, Kick-a-thon, demonstrations, and potlucks. Each of these events are held once or twice a year to promote friendship and bonding among training partners.

Participation in our Adult Taekwondo program can furnish adults with the courage, confidence and perseverance necessary to exceed and thrive in today’s competitive world. Call (401) 338-7186 today to make an appointment, or come by anytime during regular business hours.