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Little Dragons Taekwondo (ages 6-12)

Parents of our Little Dragons Taekwondo students oftentimes notice the advantages of Taekwondo in their children almost immediately. With a strong belt-level curriculum, firm structure and discipline, and an enjoyable training environment, students quickly benefit from the sense of achievement and success as they practice the essential components of practical self-defense, protective blocking, powerful striking, traditional forms and vigorous kicking in every class. The high expectations enforced on the mat improve etiquette and encourage cooperation with peers. The rigorous training not only provides a pleasant and disciplined setting for youngsters, lengthening their attention span and increasing their listening skills, bus also promotes physical fitness and overall health. The belt-rank curriculum offers short and long-term goals through regular belt tests, which foster a sense of accomplishment and strengthens motivation.

In fact, parents frequently remark that the positive effects of martial arts within the walls of the studio carry over into their children’s academic performance. There is ample research to suggest that proper long-term martial arts training can increase focus and decrease misbehavior inside the school classroom. Never before has negative peer pressure been greater at the elementary and middle school levels. It is vital that today’s children are equipped with the tools they need to avoid the many pitfalls to which some unfortunate children succumb. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes is a step in the right direction for the future of your child.

Furthermore, students who have advanced forward to the high yellow belt level are eligible to compete in forms and sparring. This opportunity can greatly motivate them, encouraging self-reliance and boosting confidence levels. Other events that students eagerly anticipate are the Kids Sleepover, the Winter Paddleball Championship, the Kick-a-thon Fundraiser, outdoor demonstrations, and the Summer Potlucks. Each of these events are held once or twice a year to promote friendship and bonding between training partners.

Participation in our children’s program at Rhode Island Taekwondo can furnish youngsters with the courage, confidence and perseverance necessary to exceed and thrive in today’s competitive world. Call (401) 338-7186 today to make an appointment, or come by anytime during regular business hours.