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Tiny Tigers Taekwondo (ages 4-5)

Itís never too early to start your child on the martial arts path to success and achievement! With gentle support, firm structure and consistency, children as young as three and four can reap the benefits of Taekwondo training very quickly. The high expectations set forth on the mat improve etiquette and encourage cooperation with peers. The rigorous training not only provides an enjoyable and disciplined setting for youngsters, lengthening their attention span and increasing their listening skills, but also promotes physical fitness and overall health. The belt-rank curriculum offers short and long-term goals through regular belt tests, which foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Tiny Tigers students not only practice essential gross motor skills and strength drills in every class, but also learn basic components of self-defense, blocking, forms and kicking, which will provide them with a distinct advantage when they advance to the regular childrenís classes at the age of five. Call (401) 338-7186 today to make an appointment, or come by anytime during regular business hours.